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About Dave Snyder 25 Articles
Dave is Founder & Chief Analyst at List Rank Sell. He began his intensive testing and study of eBay SEO in 2010, which eventually grew into a full-service agency dedicated to the practice. Dave has developed a methodology that embraces traditional search as well as technical SEO specific to eBay. Previously, he led a successful career as a tax analyst representing Cook County property owners.
About Heather Snyder 1 Article
Heather is Marketplace Search Analyst at List Rank Sell and a veteran eBay seller since 2009. Her early interest in the development and use of language culminated in her earning a Master's Degree in English from Ball State University. She has enjoyed a varied career, including as an ESL instructor for the Foreign Languages Preparatory School of Bilgi University in Istanbul.
About List Rank Sell 0 Articles
List Rank Sell is a Chicago-based search engine optimization agency dedicated solely to the eBay marketplace. We offer a proprietary, five-phase, hands-on optimization and marketing service tailored to the needs of ecommerce businesses that sell on eBay. List Rank Sell continues to update its practices through tireless research, including eBay tech news and search patent review.