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About Dave Snyder 17 Articles
Dave is Founder & Chief Analyst at List Rank Sell. He began his intensive testing and study of eBay SEO in 2010, which eventually grew into a full-service agency dedicated to the practice. Dave has developed a methodology that embraces traditional search as well as technical SEO specific to eBay. Previously, he led a successful career as a tax analyst representing Cook County property owners.
About Heather Snyder 1 Article
Heather is Language Use Specialist at List Rank Sell and a veteran eBay seller since 2009. Her early interest in the development and use of language culminated in her earning a Master's Degree in English from Ball State University. She has enjoyed a varied career, including as an ESL instructor for the Foreign Languages Preparatory School of Bilgi University in Istanbul.
About List Rank Sell 0 Articles
List Rank Sell began with a single question: "Can search engine optimization be applied to eBay listings?" Three solid years of testing later, the first iteration of List Rank Sell was born in 2013 as a freelance eBay SEO consulting business. Today, List Rank Sell is the industry leader, providing a full suite of eBay SEO services tailored to the needs of serious small to large-sized business sellers.