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A light in the dark

I remember a time when Dave and I were visiting his grandmother in Saskatchewan, Canada.  She lived in an old farmhouse back behind a copse of trees in the country.

Not a lot of light at nighttime, unlike Chicago.

Light in the Dark
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We slept in the basement bedroom, and it was pitch black. I literally couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.

I panicked and felt really claustrophobic – until my husband retrieved a night light and plugged it into the wall.

I can still remember the simple relief I felt from that small light.


The murky depths of eBay SEO

Personally, I think SEO is complicated.

When people ask me what “eBay SEO” is and I try to explain it, they inevitably look at me as though I just arrived from the moon.  Like they lost me before I even had a chance to land.

When people ask me what “eBay SEO” is and I try to explain it, they inevitably look at me as though I just arrived from the moon.

And to be honest, I’m pretty sure I have that same look on my own face when my husband explains some of the more complicated aspects of eBay SEO to me.

The subject is masked by shadows – a history of SEO problems at eBay, a dizzying repetition of the same old tips and tricks, and a relentless mythology passed from seller to seller that has nothing to do with genuine eBay SEO.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Our purpose

It can be very frustrating to find genuine instruction on the subject of eBay SEO.  If you’ve Googled the phrase recently, you know what I’m talking about.

In contrast, the primary aim of the List Rank Sell website is to communicate both the basics and the nuances of eBay SEO — and in a way that people like me can understand.  I can’t stand it when people talk in riddles.

But I love it when Dave carefully “sheds a little light” on eBay SEO.

And I think you will, too.

Keep your chin up.

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Heather is Marketplace Search Analyst at List Rank Sell and a veteran eBay seller since 2009. Her early interest in the development and use of language culminated in her earning a Master's Degree in English from Ball State University. She has enjoyed a varied career, including as an ESL instructor for the Foreign Languages Preparatory School of Bilgi University in Istanbul.