The eBay SEO Interview that Caused a Stir

And We Ain't Makin' Butter, People

Dave Snyder, List Rank Sell

Today’s post covers a recent interview I gave about eBay SEO that has caught the attention of the seller community.


July 7, 2021 Update:  Due to the popularity of this interview, I was asked to come back for a second time.  If you enjoyed this one, I encourage you to check out the continued conversation — Episode 21.

July 21, 2021 Update:  Because the second interview was so long, the folks at List Perfectly decided to break up the content into multiple episodes.  We talk about eBay SEO myths in Episode 23.


Generally speaking, I hate self-promotion.

I mean, I really, really do.

Since the time I first started offering services in this industry, I have become increasingly aware that self-proclaimed experts in the eBay community are generally more glitz than substance.

More, “Look at me.”

Less, “Here’s what I actually know.”

Fortunately for you, it’s not required that you look at me at all to hear what’s bouncing around in my head about my favorite business-related topic.


Podcast interview with List Perfectly

In April, I was the guest of the good folks who host the Seller Community Podcast at List Perfectly, and we talked about — what else — eBay SEO.

I’ve been interviewed before, but this was the most enjoyable one I’ve done.

Perhaps the best part of the session was that they pretty much just let me talk.

And for those who know me, all you have to do is wind me up and let me go — that is if the subject is something important to me.

My hosts, who I’ll talk about in a minute, seemed to enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

And they weren’t the only ones.


To my surprise…

After recording the podcast, I posted it to social media and our eBay SEO Media page.

Then I pretty much forgot about it.

But apparently, I was one of the only ones who did.

Because from what I’m told, Facebook lit up after the interview.

One of the memorable quotes forwarded to me reads the following:

“If you sell on eBay, I’m going to tell you that you HAVE to listen to the Seller Community Podcast episode featuring Dave Snyder talking about eBay SEO listing optimization.  This is the first time in a long time I’ve felt like I truly learned something new.  Check it out!”

Another comment I was told about even suggested that I invented the practice of eBay SEO — which made me laugh out loud.

The thing that genuinely excites me, though, isn’t as much the popularity of the interview, but that eBay sellers are actually talking about legitimate SEO.

Not the hacks and gimmicks we’re always harping on at List Rank Sell.

But authentic eBay listing optimization.


…eBay sellers do care about SEO

Besides plain misinformation, eBay sellers are consistently inundated with tiresome advice that is incessantly repetitive.  And that fact doesn’t just apply to eBay SEO.

It involves the majority of what we’re told in ecommerce.  But it’s particularly bad in the industry I care about the most.

The truth is, the articles and videos that get the most attention are often some of the very worst.

To that end, I encourage you to take a chance on something off the beaten path and give my interview a listen.

We talked about such topics as:

  • What eBay SEO is in a nutshell.
  • The detrimental search impact of eBay policy violations.
  • Structured data (yes, it’s still very much a thing at eBay).
  • Search entities.
  • How to test for eBay’s “back-end” category.
  • Listing displacement and search index trimming.
  • The difference between Cassini and Best Match.
  • The myth of “stale” eBay listings.
  • Top ranking factors on eBay, according to our testing.
  • Keywords and their relationship to buyer search.

If you’ve been a reader of our blog, than some of this will be familiar to you.

But it’s likely that at least some of it will be stuff you’ve never heard before.


The podcast’s hosts

Like I mentioned, the hosts of the Seller Community Podcast were great.

Doug Smith was Community Tech and Content Manager at eBay — and deeply involved with eBay’s official podcast — before he joined AristaMD as their Content Marketing Manager.  Doug also runs his own music podcast, one of my personal favorites of the genre.

Liz O’Kane has been selling on eBay for over 19 years at Colorado Re*Worn, and her enthusiasm for the subject of eBay SEO is contagious.

Each of these folks are worth listening to in their own right.  So to speak with them in this context was a pleasure.

Because of their genuine interest in the topic at hand, my interviewers made it easy for me.  A rare thing for podcasts these days.

I’m told that my episode continues to be one of their most popular.

And in this case, popularity is a good thing.

Keep your chin up.

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