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The Pitfalls of Ignoring eBay’s Level Playing Field

eBay has created an environment in which it is possible for the smallest of sellers, at least in some instances, to compete against those with more experience, more inventory, and more resources. In spite of the significant exceptions, eBay still continues to provide a “level playing field” for sellers of all sizes. […]

eBay SEO Myths #1: Top Search Rankings
eBay SEO Myths

eBay SEO Myths #1: Top Search Rankings

The end goal of eBay SEO is not to obtain top search placements, but to increase a seller’s performance metrics. As listing performance improves, so will listing rankings. The notion that sales can’t increase, even dramatically, without top search results is simply not true. […]

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Dear Mr. Wenig: Take Down eBay’s “SEO Pages”

It is my contention that these pages, the ones that you dubbed “SEO pages,” are not only still live and still causing “degradation,” but that they are also the same pages that, five years ago, earned eBay a Google manual action penalty. If I am correct, the only way to truly address your GMV problem, then, is to immediately deal with your “SEO pages” issue. […]

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Their Blog is Not Our Blog

At List Rank Sell, our priority is to make it known that SEO on eBay is not only real, but that it’s also effective and measurable. It’s what we do. But the focus of this, our first post, is different. It’s what we do NOT do. […]