If you are interested in the topic of eBay SEO, you have come to the right place.

The resources in the Learning Center are provided to assist you in your study of the subject.

We will announce future additions to this list, as there are plans to expand it as our website grows.


What is eBay SEO?

An introduction to the topic of search engine optimization as it is applied to eBay listings and stores.

This instructional essay includes the definition of eBay SEO, a discussion of why the practice has become increasingly important, the methodology’s two essential components, a description of listing displacement, and a brief treatment of the many myths surrounding SEO on eBay.


eBay SEO vs. Google SEO

A deeper discussion of eBay SEO, comparing and contrasting the practice to traditional search engine optimization.

The study breaks down the subject according to the aspects of SEO that eBay largely controls and those sellers themselves can influence.  Specific disciplines addressed are link building, page speed, site structure and page content, meta tags, on-page keywords, structured data, URL structure, mobile optimization, policy compliance, and image alternative text.


eBay SEO Media

The List Rank Sell collection of our published works related to eBay SEO.

A growing catalog of media not otherwise found on our website.  The page features our online interviews, articles not included in our blog, and more.  Look for regular updates to the content found here, as well as reminders of upcoming eBay SEO media.


eBay SEO Blog

The List Rank Sell blog, dedicated to the subject of SEO on eBay.

A regularly updated resource, featuring original and highly specialized content for search engine optimization professionals and eBay sellers alike.  Our blog also provides individuals an opportunity to ask questions, post comments, and otherwise interact for the overall betterment of the eBay SEO community.


eBay SEO News

The List Rank Sell Twitter account, focused on the most recent eBay SEO news.

A social media asset designed to keep the community updated with the latest developments, discussions, and even myths pertaining to SEO on eBay.  Space permitting, tweets typically feature a current eBay SEO headline, a short description of the article, and our brief analysis of its significance.