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Online interviews

“eBay SEO Listing Optimization with Dave Snyder” — List Perfectly Podcast — April 7, 2021

“eBay Optimization with Dave Snyder” — Digital Marketers Organization — June 24, 2020

“The eBay SEO Savvy: Dave Snyder” — So You Wanna Sell on eBay — October 31, 2016


Published articles

“How Structured Data Changed Everything at eBay” — Ryte Magazine — May 6, 2020


LinkedIn posts

“Important Updates to eBay’s Unified Listing Tool” April 7, 2021

“eBay Writes about SEO!”March 9, 2021

“eBay Promoted Listings Ads: Visibility vs. Conversions”March 1, 2021

“Are eBay’s Historic SEO Problems Taking a Turn for the Better?”February 12, 2021

“eBay’s Promoted Listings Will Never Be the Same”January 8, 2021

“I Laugh When eBay Sellers Say SEO is All About Keywords”December 22, 2020

“Recent eBay SEO Developments”November 20, 2020

“A Tool Helpful to SEO is Coming — Directly from eBay”October 30, 2020

“How Do You Learn about eBay SEO?” — October 8, 2020

“I Hate ‘eBay SEO’ Articles”September 29, 2020

“Description of Search Index Trimming”August 13, 2020

“Listings Demoted in eBay Search”July 27, 2020

“Update to Promoted Listings Algorithm”July 20, 2020

“The Importance of Item Aspects”July 15, 2020

“Named Entity Recognition on eBay”May 26, 2020


Upcoming media

“How to Optimize for Structured Data on eBay” article for Ryte Magazine — Spring 2021

“eBay SEO Tools” video series on YouTube — Summer 2021

“eBay SEO Fundamentals” video series on YouTube — Fall 2021


Dave Snyder has also been featured as a guest speaker, including at the So You Wanna Sell on eBay Summit and The Chicago Area eBay and eCommerce Sellers Meetup Group.

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