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Although we utilize and recommend the following services, please note that you do so at your own risk.


eBay-Branded Shipping Supplies

Besides the competitive edge gained by using these professionally branded shipping products, eBay businesses benefit from their competitive pricing and size variety.

(Although we have no advertising relationship with Uline, we also highly recommend them for hard-to-find box sizes.)

Please note:  List Rank Sell is not affiliated in any way with eBay, Inc.  Our advertising relationship with the eBay-branded shipping supply store is made possible by the eBay Partner Network, an open affiliate program.


Keyword Tool Dominator

By far, our favorite eBay keyword tool is provided by Keyword Tool Dominator.

The best part of this tool is the sheer number of keyword phrases it provides.  Our testing suggests that this site’s eBay keyword tool literally shows every related term eBay autocomplete has in its database.

Another benefit is that here is no monthly subscription fee to use this service.  The cost is a one-time fee, and they sometimes run sales on the regular price.

Please note:  The free alternative we recommend is known simply as Keyword Tool.  Bear in mind that the number of keywords you will obtain from Keyword Tool will be less than one half of those provided by Keyword Tool Dominator.



To say that GoDaddy is not our favorite webhosting company is a grave understatement (see our review of Tiger Technologies below for our actual preferred webhost).

However, Sellbrite is a reliable listing service that has been around since 2011 — long before it was purchased by GoDaddy.

We have worked with several eBay SEO clients who have used Sellbrite as their multi-channel tool, and our experience with it is that, unlike a number of similar products, it has a clean, easy-to-use interface.

One of our favorite aspects of the software is its ability to bulk import eBay listings without the use of a spreadsheet.  The functionality permits eBay businesses to make product listing edits directly within eBay, should they choose to do so, and then upload their changes back to Sellbrite with the click of a button.


Tiger Technologies

We received a tip to use Tiger Tech’s webhosting service from none other than Danny Sullivan, the founder of Search Engine Land and the one many consider to be the father of the SEO industry.  (We literally asked him via Twitter many years ago, and he kindly replied!)

We use Tiger Tech to host both this website as well as our own eBay listing descriptions.  We can’t recommend them enough, as their uptime, reliability, security, customer service, and ease of use are all second to none.

Plans are extremely affordable, and they charge no setup or early cancellation fees.


Time Doctor

We discovered Time Doctor when we were looking to provide complete transparency into the work we execute for our hands-on eBay SEO clients.

For agencies wishing to do the same, we highly recommend Time Doctor for its many features — including granular tracking of who did what and when, consistent screenshots of work being completed, a white label client interface that has the option of running on your own domain, and the product’s many integrations with other programs.

After the 14-day trial, the service is the same low price regardless of the number of clients you take on.


Worldwide Brands

We encountered Worldwide Brands when we entered the legitimate dropshipping market as eBay sellers in 2010 (the start of our study and testing of eBay SEO coincided with this move).

Worldwide Brands literally operates the only guaranteed directory of genuine dropship wholesalers on the internet.  Not only is every company listed an actual wholesaler (and not a middle man or arbitrage source), but the directory is continually updated and verified.

You can sign up for a free preview of the directory, and they also sometimes run sales on their membership plan.