The following privacy policy, referred to throughout as “this privacy policy,” applies to the List Rank Sell website, located on the internet at

This privacy policy is to be considered an appendix to the List Rank Sell terms of use.


Data sales

We never, ever sell our clients’ or users’ personal information.


Data collection

We take the privacy of our clients and users seriously.  In that spirit, our data collection efforts are purposefully limited and are fully described as follows:

  • In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we collect and store users’ information when provided via our Contact Us form, direct email, or phone, for the sole purpose of responding to their inquiry.
  • We collect and store clients’ information for the sole purpose of performing the work assigned by the mutually agreed-to service contract.
  • We use the Google Analytics web service, which applies a cookie on users’ devices in order to measure user interaction with the List Rank Sell website.
  • We feature affiliate partner ads on specific pages of the List Rank Sell website.  These ads also place a cookie on users’ devices in order to trace the origin of orders placed on their own sites.  We recommend our clients and users refer to each of our partners directly to obtain their specific privacy policies.


Data protection

We are committed to the highest standards of data protection.

  • All collected data is stored on protected private servers using multiple firewall security systems.  In addition to controlled on-site servers, we also employ the latest in data encryption via Tiger Tech’s hosted server solution.
  • Once received from our clients, all third-party login information is stored in a password protected document within our secure server environment.  The original transmission containing the login details is then deleted.
  • Our email program supports both SSL and TLS security encryption.
  • The List Rank Sell website itself is protected by an active SSL certificate and what is known as “perfect forward secrecy” — an additional form of protection that requires a hacker to have a copy of the actual SSL encryption key.