We manage eBay ads differently, and with an approach that works.


In addition to multiple hands-on eBay SEO packages, we also offer professional eBay ads management services for the serious eBay business.

Our clients are different from the majority of sellers on eBay in two main ways:

(1) They tend to already have a general understanding of online marketing, and

(2) They are looking for the same level of expertise they receive from their Google Ads service provider.

Whether you’re looking to run eBay PPC ads, pay-per-sale advertising, or any other form of eBay marketing, we can handle it for you.

In addition to its Promoted Listings Advanced cost per click model and long-standing Standard ads, eBay has also made available to its sellers both Offsite and Display ads.

We can even provide you with eBay micromarketing services, including email newsletters and seller-initiated offers management.

We’re experts in all of them.


eBay PPC ads, aka pay-per-click

Promoted Listings Advanced ads, eBay’s pay-per-click model, allow sellers to bid on select keyword phrases and then pay when buyers click on the ad.

The following must be in place for eBay PPC ads to work:

(1) The PPC campaign derives its keywords from actual research.

(2) The listing is multi-quantity in nature and is a true “hero” listing.

(3) The market’s competition level requires aggressive paid ads.

(4) The product has significant profit margins.

(5) The campaign must be accompanied by strong Standard ads.


eBay PPS ads, aka pay-per-sale

In contrast to Advanced ads, Promoted Listing Standard permits sellers to pay only when a buyer makes a purchase.

Pay-per-sale ad campaigns on eBay should include the following:

(1) All of a seller’s listings, unless not permitted by margins.

(2) “Dynamic” as the selected ad rate.

(3) The “ad rate cap” option instead of setting a straight rate.

(4) Initial testing below the suggested ad rate.

(5) Automatic ad rate updates.


eBay Offsite and Display ads

Although released after its Promoted Display platform, eBay’s Offsite Ads have been more successful.

Offsite ads give sellers the ability to send traffic to their eBay stores from Google and other “ad placements beyond eBay”.

These ads are dependent on setting a daily budget and have, thus far, performed well.

On the other hand, we continue to test the Promoted Display model.

This feature places ad banners at the top of eBay search results that.

Unlike other Promoted Listings ads, Display ads do not filter to a single listing but simply send buyers to the seller’s storefront.


eBay micromarketing

There are a whole host of other niche marketing opportunities on eBay.

In most cases, sellers should be fully utilizing them.

Additional advertising options on eBay include:

(1) Email newsletters to buyers and followers.

(2) Automated seller-initiated offers.

(3) Sales events and markdown discounts.

(4) Volume pricing, also known as “multi buy”.

(5) Storefront marketing banners and featured items.

(6) Direct integration with social media accounts.


Details of our eBay ads service

We look forward to serving your eBay marketing needs.

Our eBay ads management service requirements are as follows:

  • Included: Any form of eBay marketing chosen by client.
  • Minimum: 12 monthly hours of dedicated time.
  • Optional: Increase of hours in three-hour blocks.
  • Billing: Month-to-month.
  • Cost: USD 87 per hour.

Please contact us with any questions, and let’s get started increasing your targeted eBay traffic.