We offer four expert eBay hands-on optimization services — SEO direct-to-listing and store improvements for serious small to large-sized business sellers — organized according to budget.

We highly recommend sellers read this entire document prior to investing in hands-on services.

Once they have done so, we encourage potential clients to contact us with specific questions.


Optimization benefits

We take the subject of eBay SEO most seriously and seek to serve our clients with utmost professionalism.

All List Rank Sell hands-on optimization clients obtain multiple advantages over the competitors, described as follows:

  • Maximum listing visibility.  We emphasize all aspects of SEO as it pertains to eBay stores and listings, including on-page keyword optimization and complete structured data compliance.
  • Greatly reduced listing displacement.  Although it is impossible to avoid all instances of a listing’s tendency to disappear from eBay search, our approach greatly reduces the effects of this chronic problem that affects the entire eBay platform.
  • Algorithmically-selected keywords.  One of the most popular benefits our hands-on clients enjoy is fully optimized listing titles using the List Rank Sell algorithmSM — our proprietary method that literally determines what keyword phrase will most likely result in a higher-ranked listing.


Optimization process

As we enter the period of optimization, our goal is to keep the approach simple and straightforward.

In that spirit, we encourage our clients to anticipate the following stages during the optimization process:


Phase 1:  First 10 hours

Regardless of service level (Premium, Plus, Standard, or Basic), the first 10 hours of dedicated time will be spent on the following tasks:

  • Review of client’s Condition Sales Rate (CSR), which determines how likely a product will sell based on its condition.
  • Review of client’s Demand Sales Rate (DSR), which determines how likely a product will sell based on its demand.
  • Identification, analysis, and initial keyword research specific to client’s best-selling product category.
  • Review of client’s product line, including an assessment of its differentiation from similar products.
  • Review of client’s eBay policy and best practice compliance (critical to the effectiveness of eBay SEO).
  • Review of client’s year-over-year sales trends (essential for measuring performance correctly).
  • Working out of optimization issues with third-party software, when applicable.
  • Substantial communication time, including written and/or oral dialogue.


Phase 2:  First 30 days

  • Submission of eBay Store Overview private YouTube video (provides analysis and gameplan for moving forward).
  • Submission of eBay Store Trends document (details client CSR and DSR, year-over-year sales, and more).
  • Request for completion of Clarification Questionnaire (obtains and clarifies final product and listing details).
  • Completion of first set of optimized listings (Basic level clients will not see many listings optimized in the first month).
  • The first Weekly Optimization Report (Excel format) of fully optimized listings and associated recommendations.
  • The first weekly link to the time-tracking work diary, including regular screenshots of work completed.


Phase 3:  First 90 days

  • The first measurable results (eBay SEO takes up to 90 days from the point of optimization to begin to appear).
  • The first Quarterly Performance Report (PDF format), detailing total sales and engagement metrics for the period.
  • An eventual slowdown in the need for daily communication, usually starting by the second month.


Phase 4:  Ongoing

  • Weekly Optimization Reports, provided at the end of each week.
  • Quarterly Performance Reports, provided at the end of every 90-day period.
  • Friendly, written responses to all inquiries within one business day.


Phase 5:  Post-optimization

  • All post-optimization steps are performed at no cost to client.
  • Six months of performance metrics review to ascertain the initial effectiveness of the optimization process.
  • Final Quarterly Performance Report provided at end of six-month post-optimization period.


Optimization features

SEO on eBay targets the organic traffic needs of the individual listing, with an eye to maximum return on investment.

Correspondingly, we want to ensure our clients understand what is involved (and what is not involved) in the practice.


Included in hands-on eBay SEO

  • Analysis of client’s product market, policy compliance, and past performance trends.
  • Fully researched keywords for main and lesser product categories.
  • Multiple statistically ranked keyword lists, based on the List Rank Sell algorithmSM.
  • Rewritten titles for each listing, based on algorithmically derived keywords.
  • Updated back-end category for each listing, when applicable.
  • Updates to resultant item specifics fields for each listing.
  • SEO updates to homepage welcome statement and profile page description.


Not included in hands-on eBay SEO

  • Storefront design, custom pages, or HTML templates for listing item descriptions.
  • Rewritten or amended item descriptions.
  • Promotion of listings other than optimization steps as described above.
  • Changes to listing photos, pricing, duration, format, or policies.
  • Account management or customer service.
  • Anything else not specifically described under, “Included in hands-on eBay SEO.”


Optimization hours

Each month’s dedicated hours are focused squarely on the specific needs of the individual client and may vary week to week, depending on the requirements of the current work.

Hours include eBay market and keyword research, data analysis, direct-to-listing adjustments, and communication time.

However, regardless of their nature, the total number of dedicated hours for each monthly period is always guaranteed.

  • Hands-on Premium (40 monthly hours)
  • Hands-on Plus (28 monthly hours)
  • Hands-on Standard (20 monthly hours)
  • Hands-on Basic (12 monthly hours)

To maintain the integrity of the process, all optimization hours are verified by the use of specialized software.

Clients may review at their convenience the total time spent and when, see the specific nature of the work completed, and even view random screenshots taken by the tracking software.


Optimization costs

Important Note:  Depending on margins, hands-on optimization pays for itself on a per-listing basis in as little as one sale.

When determining the effective cost of hands-on optimization, the most important statistic is the Cost Per Listing (CPL).

The CPL measures the relationship between (1) the total cost associated with the current agreement (all months to date) and (2) the total number of listings fully optimized during the same period.

To date, our lowest CPL is USD 10.89.

Although this number is a target for all clients, it is not always possible to achieve.

Long-term client relationships typically result in a lower overall CPL, and shorter agreements tend to be higher.

For instance, a two-month agreement at the Standard level averages a CPL of roughly two times that of our lowest CPL.

Additionally, the CPL will vary depending on multiple other factors, including the complexity and variety of product listings, the depth of keyword research and analysis required, and conflicts associated with the use of third-party listing software.

Our total monthly fees for hands-on optimization are based on the number of dedicated hours specified by the service level and are broken down as follows:

  • Hands-on Premium (USD 2,849 per month)
  • Hands-on Plus (USD 2,002 per month)
  • Hands-on Standard (USD 1,463 per month)
  • Hands-on Basic (USD 924 per month)

The above fees (except Basic level) include a built-in discount of up to three free dedicated hours each month.

Important:  It is not recommended for sellers with low profit margins and/or poor sales velocity to invest in hands-on optimization.  Sellers must determine these factors and decide if the cost of hands-on services falls within their budget.


Optimization results

Our successful hands-on campaigns reflect increases relative to the following performance metrics:

  • Impressions: The number of times eBay presents the client’s product listing in search results.
  • Listing Views: The number of times a human actually sees the client’s listing in eBay search results.
  • Sales Conversion Rate (SCR): The number of times, out of 100 clicks, a buyer makes a purchase from the client’s listing.
  • Transactions: The total number of times the client’s listing produces a buyer purchase event.
  • Total Sales: The total amount of gross revenue generated by the client’s listing.

Note:  Unlike the other performance metrics, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) — which measures the number of times, out of 100 views, a buyer clicks on the client’s listing — tends to remain static or may even decrease.

The actual numbers associated with these metrics vary client to client and are dependent on many factors.

For example, the client’s year-over-year sales trends, product market conditions specific to eBay, and overall best practice observance each have a material impact on the success of any eBay SEO campaign.

Nevertheless, most hands-on clients experience incremental sales increases over time.  Sometimes they are significant.

But it must be stressed that search engine optimization does not always produce the desired result.  There are no guarantees associated with SEO, let alone SEO on eBay.

For this reason, we require clients meet certain conditions in order to minimize risk.


Prerequisites to qualify

There are multiple requirements clients must meet in order to obtain hands-on optimization services from List Rank Sell.

They are the following:

  • Minimum of 250 existing eBay store listings.
  • All store listings must be multi-quantity and in new condition.
  • All store listings must either represent a single brand or be of a similar product category.
  • A written commitment to become fully eBay policy compliant by the end of the first month.
  • CSR must favor products in new condition.
  • DSR must indicate product market on eBay is FAIR or greater.


Client recommendations

The effectiveness of eBay SEO is directly affected by seller best practice.

Accordingly, we highly recommend the following list to all hands-on clients:

  • Responsive HTML5 template.
  • Description with bullet points and professional copywriting.
  • Professional photos.
  • Competitive, relevant pricing.
  • Free shipping (for markets in which buyers expect it).
  • Multiple shipping methods.
  • 60-day return policy (free to buyers when applicable).
  • Top Rated Seller status.