2023 The State of eBay SEO
eBay SEO Updates

The State of eBay SEO in 2023 (and a Winter Seller Update)

Unlike what most marketers insist upon, it is generally not a wise decision to focus solely on the facets of your business that are “working.”  In fact, one of the main ways eBay sellers lose profit is to put their money into SEO once they’ve already begun to see an increase in their sales — missing out on the returns available only at its very onset. […]

eBay SEO History

Dear Mr. Wenig: Take Down eBay’s “SEO Pages”

It is my contention that these pages, the ones that you dubbed “SEO pages,” are not only still live and still causing “degradation,” but that they are also the same pages that, five years ago, earned eBay a Google manual action penalty. If I am correct, the only way to truly address your GMV problem, then, is to immediately deal with your “SEO pages” issue. […]