eBay SEO Myths #2: Listings that Go Stale
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eBay SEO Myths #2: Listings that Go “Stale”

The truth is, “stale” eBay listings that find their way down in search do so for reasons intrinsic to the listings themselves, not because they need to be made “fresh” again. Our experience is that sellers consistently believe their listings aren’t selling because of their sheer time on site, and not their genuine lack of quality. […]

Level Playing Field
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The Pitfalls of Ignoring eBay’s Level Playing Field

eBay has created an environment in which it is possible for the smallest of sellers, at least in some instances, to compete against those with more experience, more inventory, and more resources. In spite of the significant exceptions, eBay still continues to provide a “level playing field” for sellers of all sizes. […]