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eBay SEO 101

The eBay SEO Interview that Caused a Stir

eBay sellers are consistently inundated with misinformation, as well as “expert” advice that is incessantly repetitive.  And that fact doesn’t just apply to eBay SEO. It involves the majority of what we’re told in ecommerce.  But it’s particularly bad in the industry I care about the most. […]

eBay SEO History

Dear Mr. Wenig: Take Down eBay’s “SEO Pages”

It is my contention that these pages, the ones that you dubbed “SEO pages,” are not only still live and still causing “degradation,” but that they are also the same pages that, five years ago, earned eBay a Google manual action penalty. If I am correct, the only way to truly address your GMV problem, then, is to immediately deal with your “SEO pages” issue. […]