2022 Fall Seller Update
eBay SEO Updates

2022 Fall Seller Update – Its Impact on eBay SEO

In contrast to what many “experts” believe, it is a myth that creating keyword-rich eBay categories will improve your eBay or Google search rankings.  Nevertheless, good eBay store categories will usually use keywords searched by your buyers.  This is because search terms tend to clearly describe things  — like product categories — as well as help increase sales conversions. […]

eBay SEO Myths #1: Top Search Rankings
eBay SEO Myths

eBay SEO Myths #1: Top Search Rankings

The end goal of eBay SEO is not to obtain top search placements, but to increase a seller’s performance metrics. As listing performance improves, so will listing rankings. The notion that sales can’t increase, even dramatically, without top search results is simply not true. […]