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Dave is incredibly knowledgeable about all things eBay.  There is no one I have come across with a better understanding.  Thank you to List Rank Sell for all they have done and all the support they have given.  We appreciate the wonderful advice and the videos made for us.

Samuel Jones
Swarts Tools

Dave Snyder is the world’s leading eBay SEO expert.

Tim Davies

List Rank Sell’s eBay SEO Review video provided great clarification and advice.  Dave’s answers to our followup questions will be very useful in persuading my team to adopt better practices.  Great experience.  Thank you!

Nik Severson

List Rank Sell provided us with a full analysis of our Ebay store.  Showed us the pros and cons in detail with a professionally made custom video.  We can see that quality time was spent for the work completed.  Thank you!

Dolly Sassoon
International Auto Parts

Dave was very professional.  His depth of knowledge on eBay SEO is very impressive.  His knowledge provided us insight into what had been a nagging problem.  He is very well-mannered, a pleasure to work with.  Our ROI from this project is a week or so, great value from List Rank Sell.

Brian Stephen
4D Controls

I am incredibly impressed with the way Dave approached giving us feedback and consultation for our eBay account.  It is clear he has a deep knowledge of eBay across all of the major categories and was able to provide us insanely valuable action items to improve the rankings of our listings across our account.  Do not hesitate to hire List Rank Sell, you will make your money back and more with the advice he will provide you.  It should be noted that he is incredibly responsive, fair with how he logs time, and is a talented, concise communicator.  I found the way he runs the business and interacts with clients to be highly effective.  Thanks Dave & the List Rank Sell team!

Jack Wight
Buyback Boss

We are smaller, one-off, sellers who hired List Rank Sell to do an SEO Review on our store.  They delivered all they promised and more.  Dave covered store branding, how to find the right category, item specifics, Google interface and more!  Dave’s expertise and detailed feedback gave me the confidence I needed when listing new items and reworking existing listings.  It’s been about 6 weeks since we implemented his advice and our listing impressions have steadily improved.  It’s also reflecting in our conversion rate!

Melanie Wrench

See what two of America’s leading eBay Item Specifics experts have to say, including Dave Snyder, Founder of List Rank Sell.

James Dihardjo

List Rank Sell was a pleasure to work with.  Dave is the kind of mad genius who takes his craft seriously and meticulously mines data to work wonders on your eBay listings.  The professionalism, the high level of clear communication, the power point presentations and videos he created to walk through aspects of my setup, fantastic!  List Rank Sell knows the eBay game like nobody else.  Our sales on that channel have increased significantly and our rankings are on a steady rise thanks to their work.

Greg Vasilakis

Great to work with List Rank Sell.  Clearly experts on eBay SEO and highly professional operators.  Project was on time and budget and the quality of the work exceeded our high expectations.

David Ehmer
IRS Australia

Liz O’Kane and I love having Dave Snyder on the show and learning about eBay SEO!  Dave’s episodes are among our most listened to, and Dave’s first appearance is our MOST listened to episode!  We support List Rank Sell and Dave’s work.

Second time working with List Rank Sell and the experience is always the best.  Dave is an eBay expert and professional that explains every detail about his agency’s work.  The numbers and sales are growing after List Rank Sell’s help.  They deserve 10 Stars!

Carlos Lupiac
Tedpi by Detector Power

Great work, good communication, and on time…Above expectations.

Lee Graber
Three Day Tool

List Rank Sell is very competent and easy to work with.  Dave definitely knows the eBay world.

Ron Quiring
ERA Paints

List Rank Sell are true experts in their field with extensive knowledge of eBay’s algorithm and SEO best practices.  Sufficient expression of appreciation to LRS is difficult to formulate in order to express our gratitude for the positive difference their work has yielded for our account’s sales performance.  Thank you very much LRS for all you’ve done.

Peter Karasik
World Gifts

List Rank Sell was a very good fit, provided great customer service, and was a pleasure to work with.  They are very knowledgeable and were willing to apply their experience for our eBay store upgrade.  If you need to increase sales on eBay or upgrade listing, stop looking!  Highly recommended.

David Vartanian
Sayan Health

We’ve seen sales double just making the changes suggested by List Rank Sell.  If you are looking for the ultimate guide on how to run with Ebay here is your answer.  Dave blew me away with his knowledge.  They found items we had no idea we should be looking at to increase sales.  Definitely a must hire!

Bill Kingston
Crazy Dog T-Shirts

List Rank Sell delivered.  Dave’s eBay SEO Audit had everything I could’ve asked for and was WELL WORTH it.  The market condition analysis instantly resolved “unknowns” that I’ve had for years.  A number of areas for improvement were also exposed along with actionable solutions and examples.  Extremely satisfied.

Jason Wieland

Dave Snyder of List Rank Sell is knowledgeable, a good communicator and listens carefully.  I received sensible & actionable steps.

Paul Lasakow
History Prints

I highly recommend List Rank Sell to anyone looking for SEO help.  I have been selling on eBay for almost 20 years and while I have a very good understanding on how eBay works, Dave was able to provide me with some incredible insight and tips on how to optimize my listings.  I will certainly be using his services again.  Thank You!

Michael Sanders
Avalon Distribution

Thanks, List Rank Sell, for the great advice.

Josef Nahum
Royal Green

Expert advice, simply explained.  Highly recommended for all eBay sellers.

Julie Abouzelof
Moonrise Crystals

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